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British Immigration

By Rohan Pluta

5th Hour

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My Immigration Project is about British Immigration

This Project will go over the geography,Forces and causes, timeline, role in american history,and

traditions, of British Immigration.

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Date Event
1585 The First Attempt to set up a British Colony in america in Roanoke Island
1607 Jamestown colony, the first permanent colony in america, is founded
1618 The Introduction of the headright system
1783 The end of the revolutionary war
1892 The First Immigration laws are passed that effect British Immigrants
1900-now British Immigration declines because of new immigration laws and more appealing new homes in canada and australia
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Forces Causing Immmigration

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Initial Challenges

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Geography of British Immigration

The colored part is where british orginal settled

They live all over the map now

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Forces on British Immigration

Part 1

Some the early forces(meaning 1600s) on British Immigation were

lack of food because for beeing bad at growing food and

the protestast movement.

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Forces on British Immigration

Part 2

Some of the later forces(meaning during the 1700s) was the

French and Indians war, which eventualy led to the American

Colonies gaining independace!

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Role of British Immigrants in American History

Since a lot of early immigrations were british they had a lot of influences on

american society. One of the most obivous things they have brought is the

english language. Almost all of the founding fathers were decendent from

british immigrants including Ben Franklin! Another Intresting fact is that

Y.M.C.A was founded in London by George Williams.

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What Have I learned?

I have learned more about the british Impact on society, even more than I alreayd knew!

For example I didn't know that the Y.M.C.A was created in england and brought the U.S!

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