The Space admendment

What is the Space Admendment?

The Space admendment is a admendment dealing with more

serious space law that will be useful in the coming decades.


Section 1.

All laws on terrestrial territory on earth apply extraterrestrial territory,

unless congress approves an exception.

All rights guaranteed on terrestrial territory

shall be carried over to extraterrestrial territory.

Section 2.

If a criminal is caught, and deemed guilty of a major crime,

the criminal will be sent back to terrestrial territory

and be held in a terrestrial prison. If on caught,

and deemed guilty of minor crime,

the criminal shall be help in a extraterrestrial jail

Section 3.

If approved through referendum and approved by congress,

a extraterrestrial territory can be given independence.

What is the goal of the Space Admendment?

The goal of the Space Admendment is to

prevent a "wild west" in space.


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